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Doula Spotlight




Lauren has been providing Childbirth Education and Doula services in the hospital, birth center, and home birth settings for over 25 years. Lauren has supported VBACs in the hospital and birth center settings. Lauren loves to encourage family members to take naps, drink water, get a meal, and be in the moment! Lauren loves collaborating with nurses, midwives, and doctors with helping laboring moms rest when they can, eat and drink in labor, and change positions for optimal comfort and safety during birth! She has offered natural childbirth classes in her home, local chiropractic offices, and at birth centers. Lauren has been certified in Spinning Babies, NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Certification), Stop The Bleed, CPR/First Aid with AED, and Bradley Natural Childbirth. In addition, Lauren holds an EdS, Education Specialist doctoral degree from LU.  

Birth and Bereavement Photographer Spotlight

Lauren Wheless


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